Blog #1: The Undertaking

Hello Friends.  My name is Thatcher Gleason, and on January 8, 2017 I will be taking the biggest, boldest, and most frightening step in my life upon which I have yet embarked: moving to a foreign country, on the opposite side of the Earth as which I have spent my first 23 years of life.

The Destination: Hanoi, Vietnam

The Goal: Deepen my understanding of myself and the world around me through rich new experiences and the undertaking of as many adventures as possible.  To challenge myself and my established views.

The Method: As described above, taking a leap of faith and moving across the planet on my own, living in a land I’ve never known amongst a culture I’ve never experienced.

If you wish to join me on this journey, I hope to be posting weekly Blog Posts here on this website, and hope to also include video components (Vlogs) whenever possible.

Stay tuned for updates from the trip of a lifetime,


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